Leadership Assessment

Understanding personal dynamics to create added value

In today’s competitive landscape, people are the drivers of organizational success.

VALPEO’s unique approach ‘leader-to-context’ alignment

What fundamentally sets us apart, is the way we look at organisations and individuals: we look at them through the same lens. Our approach empowers informed decision-making, pinpoints risks and areas for growth and drives value creation.

At VALPEO we understand that assessing leaders is not just about evaluating their past performance, but also about uncovering their potential, understanding their unique realities and identifying the value they can bring to your organisation. Our methodology allows you to view the realities of people and organisations – the value they like to create – forging meaningful connections between the two worlds.

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Strategic leadership alignment

Our personal dynamics interviews pinpoint leadership strengths and development areas, resulting in leaders who are able to cope with the complexity they are required to manage. Our starting point is human nature – the way people think, feel, and like to act. Our approach and the methods we use are gender and culturally neutral.

Personal dynamics reviews, or assessments, play a pivotal role in offering organisations a strategic advantage by providing deep insights into human nature: the capabilities, potential, and development areas of their leaders that allow them to create value.

Sustainability and value creation

Clients experience long-term success by aligning leadership with organisational goals, fostering sustainability, and creating enduring value for stakeholders.

Improved decision-making

Informed decisions based on assessment insights ensure the right leaders are in the right positions, fostering a culture of excellence.


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Personal Dynamic
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Personal Leadership Dynamics

Understanding personal dynamics allows, on the one hand, to form a concrete picture of the context within which one can make a genuine contribution, and on the other hand, to determine what one’s added value can be and what might possibly hinder them from achieving maximum realisation and optimal alignment.

3 orientation scales

Complexity orientation

Provides insight into a person’s level of conscious awareness and the corresponding scale of work roles, where they might be able to make an optimal contribution to the organisation both today and in the future.

Values orientation

Provides a comprehensive measurement of an individual’s values and how these impact behaviour at work. It is designed around the science of human nature.

Behavioural orientation

Provides a comprehensive measurement of an individual’s unique behavioural characteristics and preferences and how these might be applied at work.

Cultivate high-impact leaders and secure a future of sustained success.

A multifaced perspective
for added value

On one hand, the orientations provide a means to depict the dynamics characterising an individual and what they want to implement in practice. On the other hand, they shed light on the associated value additions, as well as any obstacles or limitations encountered, and guide us in crafting tailored development recommendations for the concerned individual.

At the core of this assessment methodology lies a structured, in-depth interview, proven as the most reliable predictor of success, complemented by the use of psychometric tools. By leveraging leadership assessments, organisations ensure that their leadership team is not only aligned with current challenges but also primed to lead effectively in the ever-evolving business landscape, fostering sustainability and profitability.

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