VALPEO at your service

VALPEO services are designed to bring predictability to your talent, organisation, and, ultimately, your business —creating meaningful and sustainable value by aligning insights on the different dimensions of complexity and the inherent value people bring and that which the organisation seeks.

This unique alignment leads to agility, performance and efficiency, driving the value you aim to create.

Search & Selection

Find leaders adept at navigating current and future sustainability challenges. At VALPEO, we redefine Executive Search with innovative approaches that surpass traditional methods.

Leadership Assessment

Understand how personal dynamics create added value. In today’s competitive landscape, individuals are the catalysts to organisational success.

Executive Interim

Find the right leader for your unique context in 5 days. Now more than ever, organisations need adaptative and sustainable talent solutions. Our interim executives are more than temporary placeholders; they are catalysts for transformation.

Board Advisory

Guide boards and senior executives in navigating the challenge of ensuring sustainable growth in an ever-evolving landscape. By actively prioritising value creation, organisations are better positioned for long-term success.

Management Review

Lead the way in ensuring organisational success through our structured and comprehensive evaluations of leadership, processes, and strategies.

Succession Strategy

Implement robust and forward-thinking succession planning focused on a long-term strategy to gain a competitive advantage in a complex landscape.

Organisation Design
& Development

Develop and design your organisation to create value by enabling your people to thrive.

Cultural Transformation

Empower your organisation by igniting a cultural transformation capable of profoundly influencing success and propelling your business forward.

Compensation & Benefits

Uncover a transformative approach that aligns compensation with the genuine value individuals contribute.

Strategy Mapping

The compass that guides organisations through the complex terrain of evolving markets.

Fostering a transformative understanding of people and organisations to maximise value creation