Aligned around purpose

We illuminate the path for sustainable growth and success.

With our comprehensive tools and insights, we help clients tap into their full potential, craft a resilient culture, and prepare for a future defined by purpose.

Search & Selection

Find leaders who can cope with the race to sustainability. At VALPEO, we embrace a paradigm shift in Executive Search that goes beyond traditional approaches

Leadership Assessment

Understanding personal dynamics to create added value. In today’s competitive landscape, people are the drivers of organizational success.

Executive Interim

The right leader for your unique context within 5 days. Organizations require adaptive and sustainable talent solutions more than ever. Our interim executives are not just temporary placeholders, but catalysts for transformation.

Board Advisory

Boards and senior executives face the challenge of ensuring sustainable growth in an ever-evolving landscape. Actively prioritizing value creation addresses this problem, positioning organizations for long-term success.

Management review

Management reviews play a pivotal role in the success of organizations by providing a structured and comprehensive evaluation of leadership, processes, and strategies.

Succession Strategy

In a world of increasing complexity, having a robust succession strategy is not just a necessity—it’s a competitive advantage. Instead of merely filling immediate leadership gaps, forward-thinking succession planning focuses on the long-term strategy.

Organization design
& development

Organizations are living systems driven by the aspirations, capabilities, and unique realities of the people within them.

Cultural Transformation

At the heart of every thriving organization lies its culture. Culture is an often underestimated, yet profoundly influential, force that can either propel or hinder business success.

Compensation & Benefits

Creating Value Through Fair Remuneration Discover a paradigm shift that aligns compensation with the real value individuals bring. In the evolving landscape of compensation, the traditional benchmarks no longer suffice.

Strategy Design

The compass that guides organizations through the complex terrain of evolving markets. We believe in crafting unique strategies that balance the thrill of opportunity with the caution of risk management.

We help you to align people and organizations around purpose to maximize value creation