Leadership Development
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Unlock the leader within

In an ever-evolving world filled with shifting contexts and intricate challenges,
a leader’s agility becomes paramount.

At VALPEO, we believe that authentic leadership stems from self-awareness and a deep understanding of one’s unique leadership characteristics.

We help leaders find the best environments for their leadership styles, enabling them to reach their full potential and make a significant impact in their professional roles.

The VALPEO Method

Initial insight

Our VALPEO Personal Dynamics surveys provides a profound insight into an individual’s leadership blueprint, setting the foundation for what’s next.

Unique developmental journey

Together with our expert VALPEO executive leadership mentors, leaders embark on a unique journey focusing on:

  • Vertical Development: Enhance cognitive abilities to deal with growing uncertainties and complexities.
  • Socio-emotional Development: Transition from self-focused thinking to system-focused thinking, emphasizing interconnectedness.
  • Horizontal Development: Cultivate the expanding skills vital for environmentsmarked by escalating complexity and uncertainty.

Senior-level collaboration

Executives and top-tier leaders often navigate intricate and unparalleled challenges, yearning for peers to bounce off their ideas. Sometimes, leadership can feel isolating.

Our VALPEO mentors introduce you to our distinctive approach to tackle formidable challenges.

Crafting leadership frameworks

VALPEO assists organizations and leaders in sculpting a leadership framework resonating with the company’s ambition, distinctive culture, and necessities—both current and future-focused. We recognize that every leader possesses a unique history and potential. Our endeavor is to align it with the overarching leadership culture and the intricacies of the leadership role.

With VALPEO, benefit from an unparalleled framework and a cost-effective strategy to continually assess and nurture the ever-evolving leadership talent pool.

Bespoke leadership programs

Leadership programs designed by VALPEO are tailor-made.
Our programs prioritize the development of leaders across three dimensions:

  • Vertical development: Broaden cognitive capabilities to manage rising complexities and uncertainties.
  • Socio-emotional development: Shift from individualistic thinking to system-centric perspectives.
  • Horizontal development: Augment the skill set required for environments characterized by growing complexity and uncertainty.

Developing 140 management potentials

Measuring potential is important but complicated. We had contacted several of the big providers in the market, but didn’t feel their approaches would deliver the same results as VALPEO’s.

VALPEO’s approach is unique because it looks at talent, both now and in the future, from three complementary angles. This helped us understand what our future leadership could look like. We are looking to apply this approach further in the organization.

– Chief People Officer, Besix (Global Construction Group)

Embark on a leadership journey with VALPEO and redefine what’s possible.

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