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Boards and senior executives who prioritise value creation, positioning organisations for sustainable growth and long-term success in a dynamic landscape

We have developed a proprietary model for gathering data to evaluate board effectiveness and to form a solid basis for planning systematic board development initiatives, taking into account the specific constraints of their activity and shareholding structure.

VALPEO’s Board Advisory service provides a meticulous assessment of your organisation’s application of corporate governance principles. Our comprehensive evaluation ensures that boards function effectively, manage management aptly, and monitor value and performance rigorously.

This approach not only evaluates current performance but also lays the groundwork for strategic board development initiatives.

Discover your Board’s potential

The best boards today aren’t just risk-averse;

The best boards embrace uncertainty, seeing it as a catalyst for innovation. It’s about having the right blend of skills, perspectives, and forward-thinking to not only navigate challenges but to turn them into opportunities.

Whether refining the talents of existing members or introducing fresh insights, an effective board is pivotal for steering an organisation towards a successful future.

How we help you

We’ve crafted a model to assess board effectiveness, tailored to the unique demands of your operations and shareholder dynamics. It’s a solution designed with precision, ensuring boards navigate their roles with confidence and insight.

The next step?

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