Strategy Design

Drive meaningful impact and deliver sustainable value

The compass that guides organizations through the complex terrain of evolving markets.

We believe in crafting unique strategies that balance the thrill of opportunity with the caution of risk management.

Why? Because the sweet spot for innovation isn’t always where you’d expect it to be.

Navigate complex challenges with confidence

Shaping the future of your organization involves making strategic decisions that impact all stakeholders. VALPEO empowers you with real-time data and insights, enabling you to navigate complex challenges with confidence. Whether it’s charting a course for sustainable growth or optimizing existing operations, our platform ensures you have the information needed to create value that resonates with all stakeholders.

Meaningful value creation for all stakeholders

We are dedicated to elevating your role as a high-level leader. Our approach is your gateway to a future where you can focus on what truly matters – meaningful value creation for all stakeholders. Whether it’s aligning your financial strategies with your corporate mission, supporting community initiatives, or driving shareholder value, VALPEO helps you make a meaningful impact for all stakeholders.

Strategic cohesion

We take action at every organizational level to align your goals with real value creation. Our approach is transformative, leveraging paradigm shifts to connect diverse contexts and create new avenues for impact.

Innovation starts with asking the right quesions.

increase in awareness about how to create value within organizations.

of VALPEO clients redefine their strategic priorities within the first year.

customers statisfaction rate for our collaborations.

More than business success

Our mission is about being a catalyst for the evolution of leadership. We aim to influence not just today’s leaders, but also inspire future generations, driving societal progress one strategy map at a time.

Data-driven decisions

We create a data-driven 360-degree view of potential risks and unveil untapped opportunities, setting the stage for sustainable value creation.

A unique strategy is required

to be able to create sustainable value

Balancing focus between the development of opportunities and the management of risks, while understanding where innovation holds the greatest potential, is essential for aligning the strategy with the necessary value generation.

It calls for proactive efforts at each organizational level.

The ultimate objective is to excel at every level, all while considering the interests of all stakeholders.

At VALPEO, we don’t stop at strategy formulation

Together, we create a design that’s perfectly aligned with your strategic goals, ensuring every team and individual is driving towards the same vision.

Growing towards a shared identity and strategy

Our company is a quickly evolving global organization in the healthcare sector and is led from Japan. In order to let our European leaders reflect on their opportunities and challenges, we contacted Accord Group, which was applying VALPEO methodology, to provide leaders with new insights into the process of aligning with the Japanese HQ, the European affiliates, and each other.

VALPEO’s frameworks make difficult organizational concepts such as ‘culture’ and ‘values’ tangible. Our leaders will now find it easier to understand and accept the differences within Fujirebio, which will help us work together within a shared strategy and identity.

CEO Europe, Fujirebio (Global Biotech Group)

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