Organizational design

& development

Develop and design your organization to create
value by enabling your people to thrive.

Organizations are living systems driven by the aspirations, capabilities, and unique realities of the people within them.

Our unique approach embraces complexity, human nature, and the interconnectedness of various organizational elements.

Organizational development is not just about implementing change initiatives, but about fostering a holistic and dynamic environment that nurtures continuous growth, innovation, and adaptability.

Realizing human potential
to deliver sustainable growth

Our approach challenges the traditional notion of organizational development by recognizing that sustainable growth requires a focus on human potential, engagement, and creating a culture of continuous learning.

We foster an environment where individuals are empowered to contribute their unique perspectives, capabilities, and emotions, driving innovation and meaningful change.

Driving value creation

It is essential to align the organizational structure with the business purpose, to ensure value-adding behavior, the right levels of autonomy and sustained performance. Getting the right people in the right place maximizes organizational success, but requires first and foremost an effective structure.

VALPEO has supported several clients across multiple geographies and sectors to design and develop their organizations.

Organizations with effective organizational development 2.3x more likely to be better prepared for disruptive change to their industry

Organizations with effective organizational development are 2.3x more likely to have matched employees to positions that align with their skills, qualifications, and job responsibilities.

Organizations with effective organizational development practices can achieve profit
margins that are 2.2 times higher
than their less developed counterparts.

Distinctive approach

Our unique proprietary VALPEO methodology allows to view the realities of people and organizations – the value they like to create – through the same lens, forging meaningful connections between the two worlds.

Future proofing organizations

Rather than relying on outdated models, we leverage our proprietary VALPEO methodology to design organizations that are future-proof and value-creating.

Reimagine your organization, creating a purpose-driven culture, and designing structures and processes that enable individuals to unleash their full potential.

Together, we will challenge conventional thinking, embrace a dynamic approach to organizational design and development, and build organizations that are resilient, innovative, and prepared for the challenges of the future.

Our unique approach

allows you to take your business strategy and, looking through the same lens, determine how this aligns with the level of value your stakeholders seek, determine how your business should be organized, and understand the value your people bring and how they align to the needs of your organization.

Our distinctive methodology

breaks down traditional barriers to value enhancing and creating organizational development by enabling you to align your organization and people to your purpose with the same perspective, as well as define the culture that is best suited to your organization.

Design for the future

We diagnose your current organization structure and culture to determine if they are supportive of the value creation focus of your organization.

Dated and traditional methods focus on spans of control, layers and reporting lines where each layer and role adds value to the organization.

We take a different approach suite to the demands of the evolving world we live in. Using our differentiated framework, we design your organization to align with the level of value you seek to create.

We diagnose the level value of creation of each role to see where it fits in this new way of looking at the organization structure. We identify the value creation gaps and opportunities and define the roles that are required to support your organization’s growth.

We also diagnose the current and desired culture to support your organization’s development, ensuring it is aligned with value creation ambitions and purpose of your organization.

Then next step is to align your people to the roles in your organization.

Our leadership assessment and development services allow you to do this effectively, using the same value creation lens we use for developing your organization.

Our approach ensures that there is awareness of the value that needs to be created at each level of the organization. We support you in establishing a structure where nobody is underused or overstretched, people are empowered and able to add value today and in the future to the best of their ability. The focus is on creating and developing an organization that supports and enables employees to bring their unique skills, experiences, and perspectives to the organization, which can drive business results and contribute to the growth of the organization.

The next step?

Let’s meet to see how we can help you future proof your organization.

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