Management review

Redefining performance appraisal: A paradigm shift towards future-oriented reviews

Management reviews play a pivotal role in the success of organisations by providing a structured and comprehensive 360 appraisal of leaders in their unique context.

In an evolving landscape of performance management, both in the public and private sectors, the traditional yearly evaluation focused on past behaviours and competencies is rapidly becoming obsolete.

Without abandoning the traditional approach, we can add a totally new dimension to management reviews. In addition to describing competencies, against a predetermined standard, we add a high determinant of success in future roles. We help understand (and map) the link between the complexity of a job and the capability of an individual.

Improved leadership

Our management review service is designed to enhance leadership effectiveness within your organisation. By assessing leadership qualities, communication, and decision-making processes, we help your leaders grow and become more impactful.

Enhanced decision-making

Informed decision-making is the cornerstone of successful organisations. Through our management review, we provide critical insights and data-driven appraisals that empower you to make strategic decisions with confidence. By aligning decisions with your organisation’s goals, you can achieve better outcomes and adapt to changing market conditions.

Future-oriented appraisals

The new norm the core of effective performance appraisal isn’t just about past performance. It’s about foreseeing future potential and adaptability. At VALPEO, our approach is distinctly future-oriented, enabling organisations to not just reflect, but project.

To better serve our partners, VALPEO has developed an online Performance Appraisal Tool, facilitating timely and efficient 360° performance appraisals. We define performance criteria in close collaboration with our clients, ensuring relevance and precision.

Start your future-oriented appraisal with VALPEO today.

The essence of the individual

We developed a model that goes far beyond describing competencies and assessing knowledge and skills. It goes back to the essence of the individual and those elements that make it possible for someone to be described as “competent” or not. They often lie at the origin of the behaviour one wishes to describe through competencies.

Our insights teach that one factor in particular has a strong predictive value for success in a function, namely the ability to think in order to deal with increasing complexity. This is a highly determinant factor and has little to do with intelligence or academic training.

How we help you

Management reviews are instrumental in shaping organisational development and career planning while ensuring a strong leadership pipeline for the future.

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