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At VALPEO, we understand that simple behavioral metrics aren’t enough.

In today’s multifaceted leadership landscape, understanding the alignment of leaders to their contexts is pivotal.
For real, insightful alignment, three critical aspects come to the fore.
On top of that we support the learning experience of our clients with the proprietary Personal Growth platform.

Harnessing the true potential of leaders

Think · Complexity Orientation

What is the level of complexity where leaders truly shine?

Feel · Values Orientation

Do leaders’ personal values resonate with the organization?

Act · Behavioral Orientation

How exactly do leaders act, and is it in line with expectations?


VALPEO offers a comprehensive framework, a lens through which you can predict and align leaders to context.

Proprietary tools

With the confluence of established academic research and innovative methodologies, our proprietary tools pave the way for understanding, predicting, and mapping people dynamics like never before.

Why complexity

This approach promotes well-being and ensures that both the individual and the organization can thrive in an ever-evolving and complex world.

Complexity Orientation Survey

Understanding the levels of complexity a leader can handle is crucial for the alignment between leader and context.

With the Complexity Orientation Survey, leaders are assessed not merely based on their past performance, but on their capacity to handle increasing levels of complexity in various scenarios and time horizons.

Values Orientation Survey

Values are the foundational drivers behind our actions. Whether working in teams or individually, values influence our behaviours, collaborations, and conflicts.

Understanding and aligning these values is pivotal in enhancing organizational cohesion and employee well-being.

Our survey results provide a vivid representation of the 19 universal values, highlighting primary concerns and cultural contexts. In the realm of diversity and inclusion, values like tolerance, alongside social justice and equality play a pivotal role.

Behavioral Orientation Survey

Personality traits, stable drivers of behavior, thoughts, and emotions, can render workplace behaviors more predictable. Bridging the gap between broad personality understanding and its business context relevance.

The Behavioural Orientation Survey provides a comprehensive measurement of an individual’s unique behavioural characteristics and preferences and how these might be applied at work.

Personal Growth Platform

Our proprietary personal growth platform offers to leaders a tool that enables improved leadership, increased competitiveness, better governance, and a more resilient and forward-thinking organization.

It aligns the development of top leadership with the overall goals and values of the company, contributing to its long-term success. A versatile, highly secure, and customizable solution.

Achieve sustainable competitive advantage with our transformative tools

Scientifically backed

Extensive studies, including reliability and validity assessments, fortify our tool’s psychometric rigor.


Trusted by leading organizations globally. Unlike traditional assessments, our design is rooted in real-world organizational contexts

Transformative approach

More than just an assessment, it’s a lens to the future potential.

We help you to align people and organizations around purpose to maximize value creation

The typical blindspot of traditional assessment tools

Grounded in the pioneering research of Elliott Jaques and Robert Kegan, our Complexity Orientation Survey assesses leaders against eight specific criteria, shedding light on the intricate nuances of their leadership potential:

  1. Autonomy in role
  2. Required impact
  3. Purpose of interaction
  4. Creativity level
  5. Required knowledge
  6. Coordination and integration level
  7. Role context
  8. Comprehension and interpretation level

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