VALPEO Dynamic tools

At VALPEO, we believe aligning leaders to their contexts is pivotal.

Harnessing the true potential of leaders

Think Complexity Orientation

At what level of complexity can people add value; today and in the future?

Feel Values Orientation

Will personal values match the organisational values?

Act Behavioural Orientation

Does behaviour meet role requirements?

Leader-to-context alignment

Comprehensively predict and align leaders to a complex and dynamic context.

Innovative People science

Rigorous scientific research and innovative methodologies drive our tools for understanding, predicting, and mapping people dynamics.

Complexity is the key

Our approach promotes well-being and ensures predictability so that both the individual and the organisation thrive in a disruptive environment.

Complexity Orientation Survey

Understanding the levels of complexity a leader can handle is crucial for the alignment between leader and context.

The complexity orientation provides insight into a person’s level of conscious awareness and the corresponding scale of work roles, where they might be able to make an optimal contribution to the organisation both today and in the future.

Values Orientation Survey

Values are the foundational drivers behind our actions. Whether working in teams or individually, values influence our behaviours, collaborations, and conflicts. Aligning these values is essential for improving organisational cohesion and employee well-being.

The values orientation provides a comprehensive measurement of an individual’s values and how these impact behaviour at work. It is designed around the science of human nature.

Behavioral Orientation Survey

Personality traits influence behaviour, thoughts, and emotions, shaping workplace dynamics.

The Behavioural Orientation helps bridge the gap between understanding these traits broadly and their relevance in a business context. It provides a comprehensive measurement of an individual’s unique behavioural characteristics and preferences and how these might be applied at work.

Personal Growth Platform

Our proprietary learning platform empowers leaders to improve their leadership skills, bolster competitiveness and foster better governance, leading to a more resilient and forward-thinking organisation.

This versatile, highly secure, and customisable solution aligns top leadership development with the company’s overarching goals and values to drive long-term success.

Achieve sustainable competitive advantage with our dynamic tools

Scientifically backed

Extensive studies, including reliability and validity assessments, fortify our tool’s psychometric rigour.


Trusted by leading organisations globally, our design is rooted in real-world organisational contexts, unlike traditional assessments.

Transformative approach

More than just an assessment, it’s a lens to future potential.

Fostering a transformative understanding of people and organisations to maximise value creation

Overcoming the blindspots of traditional assessment tools

Grounded in pioneering scientific research, the tools in our © Transformative Value Framework help assess leaders against eight specific criteria, shedding light on the complex nuances of their leadership potential.

Dive deep, predict accurately and align perfectly.

With VALPEO by your side.