Building a sustainability culture

Sustainability as a lever for business transformation

From core sustainability practices to leaders and sources of inspiration for societal progress, acting for future generations.

Sustainability, often perceived as an essential constraint when we talk about disruption, is now emerging as a major strategic lever. In this era of rapid transformation, how can your business transform sustainability into a lasting competitive advantage?

It requires a better understanding of the stages of sustainability to safeguard the viability of the organisation.

With our Business Sustainability DX, we assess the effectiveness of your sustainable practices across various dimensions of your operations. By gathering feedback and data from relevant stakeholders, we aim to evaluate how well you are performing regarding sustainability and identify improvement areas

Unearth the size & effectiveness of your sustainable practices today.

Sustainability creates a distinctive advantage

The integration of sustainability into core business strategies is increasingly proving not just a moral imperative, but also a financial one. Businesses that excel in growth, profits, and sustainability achieve superior shareholder returns, outperforming by 7%, according to McKinsey & Co’s August 2023 report “The Triple Play: Growth, Profit, and Sustainability.” The study highlights the necessity of integrating ESG standards into a broader strategy that also targets aggressive growth and profitability.

More sustainable brands tend to grow faster

Brands with the highest ESG scores see a fivefold increase in growth, while historical brands with top ESG ratings experience a threefold increase, according to Bain & Co’s 2023 report, “The Visionary CEO’s Guide to Sustainability.” Key ESG factors include waste reduction, health and well-being, inclusion, respect for the earth, and respect for people and ethics.

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