Executive Interim Management

The right leader for your unique context within 5 days

Organisations require adaptive and sustainable talent solutions more than ever.

Strategic leadership during critical periods

Our interim executives are not just temporary placeholders, but catalysts for transformation. We challenge traditional approaches by shifting the paradigm.

At VALPEO, we go beyond acquired knowledge and experience in selecting our candidates. We assess their judgement skills and ensure that they are aligned with the complexity of the assignment, whether it involves process optimisation, strategic development, or identity development. Our interim executives provide strategic planning and leadership, driving your organisation forward during critical periods.

Driving change and delivering results

Our interim executives bring a fresh perspective and a proactive approach to your organisational challenges. Specialising in areas like crisis management, change management, operational improvement, and project management, they focus on achieving objectives within a set timeframe, ensuring that your organisation not only survives but thrives.

Global reach and immediate solutions

As the BeNeLux partner of Valtus Alliance, the world’s leading Executive Interim Management community, we provide you with the right person to solve whatever challenges you are facing – right now, this minute, anywhere in the world. Whether you need an Operations Director in France, a Program Manager in Singapore, or a CEO in Brazil.

You are just one contact away from a solution within 5 days

A community of certified managers

VALPEO is a reference in Certified Interim Leadership. We are the only executive community working with VALPEO-certified managers. Our network consists of experienced value creators who possess a minimum of 20 years of experience in the field. We connect strategic and innovative thinkers with organisations facing complex practical challenges.

Expertise across domains

We solve any Executive Interim Management challenge in the BeNeLux countries within the week. Our Best Practice Managers, Strategic Development Managers and Transformational Managers are skilled in fields including Corporate Finance, General Management, Human Capital, Information Technology, Program Management, PMO, Marketing & Sales, Supply Chain & Logistics.


years of industry experience

5 day

time frame to find your strategic leader

strategic leader


assignments worldwide

each year

60 000+

verified executive interim managers worldwide

Skillsets that make a difference


Our interim managers bring specialised skills that your organisation may temporarily lack, but urgently needs.


Our interim executives can swiftly comprehend your business and its distinct challenges, demonstrating high adaptability.


As outsiders, they offer an unbiased view, free from internal politics, allowing for more objective decision-making.

Why choose VALPEO for Executive Interim Management?

Global reach within 5 days

Our interim managers can be in place within days, providing an essential advantage when time is of the essence.


Typically more overqualified for the job than a permanent hire, ensuring a high level of expertise.


With no career agenda within your organisation, our interim managers are committed solely to achieving the objectives of your project.

A community of certified managers

We connect strategic and innovative thinkers with organisations facing complex practical challenges.


Our interim managers hit the ground running, quickly identifying issues and implementing effective solutions.

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We go beyond providing temporary management solutions

We offer strategic leadership that drives change and delivers tangible results, making our interim executives your ideal partner during critical periods.

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