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Our story

VALPEO International

International leadership and organizational advisory firm

Our Story

VALPEO International

Shaping tomorrow’s success through understanding.

Unlocking human potential

The roots of VALPEO lie deeply entrenched in the heritage of Accord Group. Founded in 2005, Accord Group emerged as a leading executive search firm with an unwavering commitment to identify and nurture exceptional talent. Over the years, it became evident that there was an unmet need in the market – not only to locate talent but to understand, evaluate, and unlock human potential.

Transcending traditional talent perspectives

2017 marked the culmination of these insights. VALPEO was not just born out of a need but out of a vision, a vision that Fabiaan Van Vrekhem and his team were deeply passionate about. The ambition is to develop an approach that transcended traditional talent perspectives, blending human science, business acumen, and cutting-edge technology. With VALPEO, it wasn’t just about spotting talent; it was about comprehending its depth, breadth, and transformative potential.

Our mission

We are driven to support the creation of sustainable value, by fostering a transformative understanding of people and organizations.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive solution that allows businesses to delve deeper into the facets of human nature, creating pathways for growth, success, and transformative outcomes.

We align everything around purpose.

Where we stand today

We challenge conventional norms, envisioning a future where leadership is intertwined with value creation, adaptability, and positive societal impact. We are a catalyst for the evolution of leadership – where deep understanding meets strategic action, propelling organizations toward enduring success in a dynamic world.

Our philosophy offers unparalleled insights, bridging the gap between human science and tangible business results. We remain dedicated to helping businesses navigate their journey, turning potential into prosperity.

By 2023, VALPEO has undergone a meteoric rise, marking its presence not just in its homeland, but expanding its horizons to the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France, and Kenya
. Such rapid internationalization is further amplified by an elite network of accredited VALPEO partners, making impactful differences in 10 countries globally.

Join us on this voyage of discovery, understanding, and realization.
Let’s unlock the full spectrum of human potential together.

What we value


We strive to create a culture where all of our stakeholders feel supported and included, can count on our professionalism and are able to collaborate or work autonomously to create value in their own best way.


We work hard every day to provide the best of science, technology and consultancy.

You can count on us to be the partner in propelling your people and organization toward sustainable success.


We aim to create an inspiring and stimulating environment for every stakeholder to realize common and individual goals.

We align everything around purpose.

What we believe

Our world is going through its next stage of transformation. We live in a world where paradigm shifts trigger context transformations. In this complex world, the key to success lies in: creating meaningful and sustainable value for all stakeholders.

“Business has become a game of thoughts and feelings, where success lies in the ability to connect with the world(s) of others. It requires a higher level of awareness of human nature.”

Fabiaan Van Vrekhem – Chairman VALPEO

We help you to align people and organizations around purpose to maximize value creation

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