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Find leaders who can cope with the race to sustainability

At VALPEO, we embrace a paradigm shift in Executive Search that goes beyond traditional approaches

Finding the right executive is not just about matching skills, behavior and experience; it’s about aligning with the new realities of today’s complex and volatile world.

Our approach to Executive Search revolves around the link between a deep understanding of the complexity of value creation and the capability of leaders.

Navigating the challenges of the future

How? We find leaders who can handle tomorrow’s challenges, without being limited by specific job roles or industries.

Our paradigm shift in Executive Search is driven by the belief that leadership is not solely defined by past accomplishments, but by the potential for future value creation, and that this can be predicted.

Steering cultural development

We acknowledge the importance of both organizations and their unique cultures, emphasizing the necessity for executives who can excel within the specific realities of your organization. We understand the symbolic significance of the environments people desire to be a part of, recognizing their role in fostering individuals’ capabilities and values alignment.

Search for sustainable success

At VALPEO, we are committed to finding leaders who can anticipate change, drive innovation and create sustainable value. By considering the deeper dimensions, we ensure a higher likelihood of long-term success and alignment between the executive and your organization’s desired reality.

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CEO search

The world of CEOs is governed by the desire to achieve a strategic intent. Their focus is not solely on ‘doing’, but rather consciously on ‘being’. They will engage in a meaningful way, and shape a new identity to help keep your organization relevant and differentiating.

They will fashion a world that all your stakeholders will want to be part of: shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, nature and society. Our CEOs will look at the activities of your organization and the environment of all your stakeholders from different perspectives. As a result, they will help you to redefine and transform.

Board of Director search

The world of directors is governed by the desire to create value. They prefer to invest their time and energy not only in what is, but rather in what will be. They will look ahead and will respond to the non-stop processes of change.

They will find new forms of value and develop your organization, either as a managing director, or as the director of their functional domain (finance, HR, IT, operations, sales & marketing …). They will co-create and engage in joint ventures with others to develop completely new concepts that will result in greater added value for your organization.

Senior Management Search

The world of managers is governed by the desire to constantly improve everything around them. Their focus is on best practices, adding efficiency and strengthening your organization. They will understand that different activities within your organization impact each other, and that cross-functional collaboration is essential.

They will figure out how your organization works and will
implement new best practices, either as a general manager or as the manager of their functional domain (finance, HR, IT, operations, sales & marketing …). As a result, they will professionalize and
add structure to your organization.

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How we help you

Refine the profile

Once the executive search assignment is entrusted, your consultant will discuss the context and the intent, the role and the profile. As both the strategic and operational dimensions will be considered, each assignment starts with weighing the role complexity and valuing your organizational culture.

Research the market

You can count on our deep industry expertise and ability to identify relevant executives. As your ambassador, we will present your organization discreetly, truthfully and attractively, and provide potentially interested people with an accurate and vivid description of the role.

The leader for your unique context

Interested people will be briefed, interviewed and assessed, aligned to the defined profile. As we look at people and organizations as two sides of the same coin, our assessment ensures that the executive’s reasons are aligned with the challenges of the role and that the personal values are aligned with the culture.

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