Our professionals in Brussels are highly experienced in helping leaders and organizations reach their full potential.

Drawing inspiration from Brussels’ central role as the ‘Capital of Europe,’ our Brussels team helps leaders and organizations excel in their respective markets, both nationally and internationally.

Our transformative leadership and advisory services empower you to shape the future of your leadership and organizational success.

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From Accord to VALPEO: embracing change and disruption

VALPEO’s journey began on Christmas Eve 2008 when Fabiaan Van Vrekhem, our Chairman, uncovered the link between problem complexity and individual capability, fueled by his 25 years of professional wisdom and the profound insights of Elliot Jacques

The transition form Accord to VALPEO represents an ongoing quest to understand human capabilities and organizational complexities. In an era of disruption, VALPEO emerged, embracing innovative thinking and experiential insights to understand capacities. This shift made VALPEO an international entity, focused on aligning strategies with people.

Since 2017, we’ve been steadily expanding our portfolio of organization and leadership advisory services in Belgium through our subsidiary, Accord Group. Under the leadership of our chairman Fabiaan van Vrekhem, we have developed a distinctive approach, centred on helping our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

At VALPEO, we offer organization design, culture development, succession planning, search, assessment, and coaching to help clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Our approach provides unique insights, unlocking organizations’ full potential, and preparing them for a sustainable future.

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+32 4 79 97 16 22

Khadija Badli

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Emmanuelle Dubau

+32 4 75 83 76 79

Dora Munteanu

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Wim De Mulder

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Annemie Viaene

Managing partner
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Fabiaan Van Vrekhem

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