If you struggle with moving towards a more empowered organization, just take the time to look at this short story.

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The path to empowerment

September 9, 2019

If you struggle with moving towards a more empowered organization, just take the time to look at this short story.

Children grow

Children evolve, children transform. And all their parents need to do is to provide them with the right circumstances. Feed them, keep them healthy, and make them feel safe. Parents empower their children by giving them a home, a place where they belong.

And in order to let them grow into happy, successful adults (whichever way you want to define it), parents need to help them find their right path. Stimulate them to be authentic, to stay true to their values, capacities and potential.

So they can find a new place where they belong. A place where they are empowered and can add the most value.

Just by being who they are.

Organizations grow

Organizations where leaders allow their people to reach their full potential will flourish. Agility starts by supporting and aligning the maximum level of autonomy. No longer by actions defined in job descriptions which often limit the required autonomy and agility.

The world outside your organization is changing, faster and faster. Leaders could respond by adapting every job description in their organization, every time, and try to keep up, by asking their people time and again to keep up.

Thus staying one step behind, every step of the way. At best.

Or they could follow the path of empowerment, tap into the kind of creativity that sets new standards required to remain authentic and autonomous.

In a world of ambitions, purpose and aspirations, to remain or become authentic, one doesn’t organize oneself around jobs, responsibilities or tasks, but around added value.

Organizations are the sum of the added value that those involved are able to bring. Why ask if your people are fit or unfit for the task at hand, if you can ask:

What kind of added value do they bring?

The path to empowerment

Agility starts with creating a place where people belong, where people are empowered to act within the boundaries of their full potential and within the boundaries of the added value that they are expected to bring.

  • How do you empower the people around you?
  • Do you have an view on what value everyone is willing and able to bring?
  • Do you know in what way people are hindered to use their full potential?
  • And how the way your organization is built restricts the unleashing of potential?

These are all questions we aim to solve for the leaders of today and those of tomorrow. Making sense of human and organizational dynamics is what we do.

We support people and organizations in unfolding their authenticity, their full potential, and living their purpose.

We are on a mission to unite the best of consultants, science and technology to inspire and support people and organizations in their development and help them stay relevant and authentic. If you would like to join our community just let us know.

Want to know more, reach out to us.

About Fabiaan Van Vrekhem

Fabiaan Van Vrekhem is Executive Chairman of VALPEO. He has accumulated a wide range of experience in all areas of organisational development and leadership strategy.

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