Why managing transformations is the new reality and what it means to be the transformation (instead of adapting to change).

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Change is dead, long live the transformation!

September 10, 2019

Why managing transformations is the new reality and what it means to be the transformation (instead of adapting to change).

Why is managing transformations the new reality?

In times past, the seemingly contradictory phrase “The king is dead, long live the king!” was used to simultaneously announce the death of the deceased ruler and assure the continuity by saluting the successor.

The meaning behind the phrase is that something old is being replaced by something new. Today, change, as we have known it, is dead. And it has been replaced by a new game. A game called “transformation”, and along with a new ruler came new rules …

Change became transformation, and the rules of the game have changed.

As my fellow partner Jean-Claude Lecoyer pointed out in his recent article “The End Of HR Management: Bye Bye CHRO…”, the new reality is about managing dynamics.

This new reality causes difficulties, problems, challenges…

  • You might feel that the way you are working together is not what it should be
  • You might feel that attracting and retaining people has become a burden
  • You might feel that developing leaders has become more complex

People feel that something is out of order, but can’t always put into words what it is.

Too much “change” is going on at the same time, and it never stops. People are concerned about how this can go on. And it’s not only people …

Organizations, and society as a whole, are shaking, and everything is shifting. Some pieces of the puzzle are not in their right place (anymore). Optimization no longer does the trick. And not just because the table is shaking. The puzzle itself is being replaced.

In fact, the puzzle has left the table. And it’s being replaced with a new game.

It has transformed.

Laugh along with Lianne Davey on how “change is changing”

Change is dead, long live the transformation!

The good news is: if you understand the dynamics, you don’t have to adapt to the change. You can be the transformation. Businesses have to reinvent themselves and chart a new course for a “brave new world”. Like HP, you need to embark on a transformation journey.

This journey is about tapping into potential and developing it, empowering and enriching people. This means that for organizations to thrive in this shifting world, for us to be the transformation, we need to act more inclusive. It’s the new growth imperative.

What does it mean to be the transformation (instead of adapting to change)?

In today’s evolving world, tapping into potential and empowering people has become key. It’s all about managing (human and organizational) dynamics. In this respect, developing inclusive organizations where people feel they belong has become an important leverage.

In further articles, we will explore why diversity, inclusion and belonging matter more and more, what role diversity, inclusion and belonging can play in your business strategy, and what can you do to become more inclusive.

But first, let’s briefly recap a definition of an inclusive organization.

An inclusive organization is one that:

  1. … installs the conditions that enable people to be authentic, realize their full potential, and at the same time elevates the authenticity and growth potential of others. People seek it.
  2. … cultivates the “openness of mind” to the importance of being connected, interdependent on each other, in and between teams, across and beyond organizations. Society demands it.

At Accord Group, subsidiary of VALPEO, we believe that building inclusive organizations is vital to be the transformation you need to be. And we bring the science, the tools and the people to the table to make this brave new world a reality.

Building inclusive businesses means building divers talent pools and divers leadership pipelines, shifting the dominant values and cultures towards inclusion and belonging, developing and promoting inclusive leaders who make people feel they belong …

We believe that building diverse and inclusive organizations, where people feel that they belong, is both the right thing to do and a great strategy going forward. We believe that “diversity, inclusion and belonging” indeed is the new growth imperative.

What are your experiences?

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