Jana Kegels

Martketing Coordinator

“If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” – Maya Angelou

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Jana is a devoted digital strategist, committed to enhancing the influence of brands in a manner that deeply connects with their audience.

Her diverse experience across the non-profit, pharmaceutical, and start-up sectors has given her a unique lens through which she views marketing challenges. Her role as a marketing coordinator at VALPEO allows her to combine her marketing experience with her interest in human nature, making her an integral part of a team that advises some of the most influential boards and CEOs in the business world.

What sets Jana apart is her insatiable curiosity and commitment to continuous learning. She believes that personal and professional landscapes are constantly shifting, and to thrive in any context, one must be willing to adapt and evolve. This philosophy led her to VALPEO, where she found an organization that not only aligns with her professional skills but also feeds her intellectual curiosity.

Whether she is diving into the psychology behind consumer choices or exploring new digital tools to enhance organizational effectiveness, Jana is a lifelong learner committed to excellence.

Jana holds a BA in Journalism from AP University of Applied Sciences and a Master of Arts in Multilingual Communication from KU Leuven University.

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