Our Approach

VALPEO ©Transformative Value Framework

Fostering a transformative understanding of people and organisations

to support the creation of sustainable value, promoting agile, resilient and innovative organisations where outcomes remain predictable amid ever-growing and pervasive disruption.

Empowering individuals & organizations

Envisioning a future where leadership is central to value creation, adaptability, and positive societal impact.

Understanding human nature

Recognising the motivations, aspirations, and complexity that leaders thrive in defined by their values, behaviour and complexity orientation.

Why a dynamic approach?

  • It offers a comprehensive view of people and organisations.

  • It is essential in order to stay relevant, competitive, and resilient in a disruptive world.

  • It ensures alignment at all levels of the organisation with its overarching purpose.

  • It shows the path to sustainable development.

VALPEO © Transformative Value Framework

Founded on rigorous scientific research, it is the best available compass to remain distinctive and viable in the face of disruption, making VALPEO the most reliable resource for meeting and exceeding industry benchmarks.

Highly distinctive & science-based

It measures value creation resulting from a transformative understanding of people and organisations in present and future contexts.

Central to the framework are four tool sets that comprehensively assess people dynamics, organisational dynamics, cultural dynamics, and strategy dynamics.

People Dx

Understand human nature that drives value: values, behaviour and complexity orientation.

Organisation DX

Organise to create value in the most effective way.

Culture DX

Align personal values with current / desired culture.

Business DX

Unearth size & effectiveness of value created for all stakeholders.

Een transformatief begrip van mensen en organisaties stimuleren om waardecreatie te maximaliseren