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As a proud partner of Valtus Alliance, VALPEO connects you with strategic visionaries and leaders, equipped to steer your organisation toward growth and success during pivotal moments.

Valtus Alliance brings together a network of highly experienced interim executives from diverse sectors, ensuring that businesses receive the best possible support for their transformation and growth initiatives. Through this partnership, we are committed to delivering immediate, impactful results.

By leveraging Valtus Alliance’s extensive expertise and our shared commitment to excellence, we aim to support and enrich the leadership community, driving innovation and resilience in today’s dynamic business environment.

VALPEO is excited to partner with Welliba to enhance leadership and organisational development through advanced employee experience (EX) solutions. Welliba’s platform combines behavioural science with human-centred technology, offering personalised, data-driven insights that empower both individuals and organisations.

This collaboration aligns with our commitment to fostering personal and sustainable relationships. Welliba’s innovative EX+ solution provides real-time feedback and actionable advice, helping employees and managers to improve their performance and wellbeing continuously. By ensuring privacy and ownership of personal data, Welliba enables a trustworthy environment where employees feel valued and engaged.

Our partnership with House of Executives reflects our shared goal of understanding the person behind the role and valuing personal and sustainable relationships. House of Executives provides a unique platform where executives can gather in a relaxed and confidential atmosphere to network and discuss contemporary issues.

They organise a diverse range of activities, including conferences, roundtables, dinners, workshops, and webinars, all aimed at fostering an environment of trust and engagement. This collaboration highlights the importance of recognising the person behind the role and emphasises sustainable and personal relationships. Through this partnership, we aim to support and enrich the leadership community in Belgium by offering opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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