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Accord Group secures nomination for HR Excellence Award 2023

Since 2010, the HR Excellence Awards have shone a light on the Belgian HR sector’s finest employers and service providers. Accord Group won the award in the 'Best Executive & Talent Search Company' category in 2013. And the good news is that Accord Group has been nominated in this year’s awards in the 'Best Talent Search Firm' category.

What are the HR Excellence Awards?

For the 13th consecutive year, ARC Event, the organisation behind the awards, is highlighting initiatives and strategies that focus on the most important asset of our companies: people. To do so, they have developed an objective method that guarantees the independence of these awards.

The nomination process starts with a survey of 1,500 HR decision-makers in Belgium. They are asked to nominate a maximum of three providers in each award category that they consider to be shining examples for the sector, based on their own experience with the provider or its reputation.

To determine the winners, a jury of reputable HCM experts will independently assess the submitted files, and, following deliberation, designate the winners. The jury's verdict counts for 70% and is weighted along with the HR community's public votes which count for 30%.

On what can the jury base its verdict?

Those nominated in a particular category can submit a case in which they describe a project or solution they accomplished for one of their clients. These are detailed dossiers, describing the project, as well as the approach used, the process, the challenges, and the results.

What makes Accord Group's case so valuable?

In its case, Accord Group described the solution they offered for talent acquisition at board level in the context of organisational network development. In the search for independent directors for the client, Accord Group first evaluated the existing context, which turned out to be particularly complex. Then they drew up the sophisticated and detailed profile of the directors to be sought.

The search and screening of candidates focused on three elements:
  1. Required knowledge and experience;
  2. Personality and values framework;
  3. Complexity orientation. By this, we mean the person's mental ability to create value.

To measure this complexity, Accord Group uses a scientifically based methodology, which was developed by its subsidiary, Valpeo. This revolutionary approach makes Accord Group the only player in its field that succeeds in measuring complexity, both in the candidate and in the organisation, and in linking it to human development. Too many leadership assessments still ignore the context.

If you want to know more about the methodology Accord Group used for this, read this blog.

Your vote counts too

Back to the HR Excellence Awards. The HR community helps decide the ultimate winners of the HR Excellence Awards because votes from the community count for 30%. They may cast their votes based on their experience of the nominees as well as on the nominees’ reputation.

When will we know who the winners of the HR Excellence Awards are?

The awards take place on Thursday 16 March and will be presented at a gala dinner at the Château du Lac in Genval. The evening is also a fantastic opportunity for HR professionals in our country to catch up and network.

You can vote now! Can Accord Group and its unique approach count on your vote? If so, please click here.