Succession planning
Keep one step ahead
Succession planning has never been more important in times where the speed of change is constantly increasing. Do you have a clear view on which talent you need to stay ahead and shape the future of your organization? Develop your talent pipeline and detect the leaders of the future.


Detect your future talent
Bring the potential of people in your organization to the surface.
Manage your talent pool
Obtain insight in the potential of people in your organization today, and what is missing to meet your future ambitions.
Receive insights in what people are capable of, not only today, but also in the future. Get a view on peoples growth path and be able to guide them in their further development.
Mental Processing Capability Interview
Identify what drives people, what their value orientations looks like and how they fit your desired organizational culture.
Schwartz Values Questionnaire
Get an insight in how personality characteristics relate to the realities of the working environment and how they fit expected behavior to perform a certain role.
Behavior at Work Questionnaire
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