Build an organizational design that fits purpose
Create a structure that supports your strategy.
Design your organization to empower people.


Align role complexity with the capability of people
Getting the right people in the right place maximizes organizational success. We support you in establishing a structure where nobody is underused or overstretched. Empower people and let them add value today and in the future, to the best of their ability.
Job evaluation
Assess the relative worth of each role for the purpose of establishing a rational pay structure.
Make sure that your people get rewarded according to responsibilities in a felt fair way and conform to market standards.
Get a blueprint of your organization
Know precisely how much value each role adds and improve performance management. Design for sustainability by using a systematic way of determining the added value of each role within the organization. Eliminate value destruction.
Our solution helps you:
Define the added value and complexity particular to each of the different roles within your organization
Grade individual roles, by looking at the level of value that each adds
Analyze how your organizational design can create value in a more efficient and effective way
Look at the efficiency and effectiveness of your organizational design
Build an agile way of working
Distribute the creation of value over different roles
Install a felt fair pay policy
Build and manage your organizational design
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