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Get to know your people better and establish an alignment of personal and cultural values within your organization
Why does value orientation matter?
Values guide behavior. When people work in teams, their values will have an impact on the way they collaborate. But even when people work alone, their values still influence their work and the evaluation of that work will be influenced by the values of others. Insight into values will therefore help predict potential tension or success
  • Individuals with complementary values will be more likely to display collaborative behaviour than people with non-complementary values. Values influence collaboration and conflict.
  • This influence is stronger in teams where people collaborate more intensively and for longer periods of time.
  • A leader's values help shape the context that his/her team works in. Team members whose values do not match the leader's values may struggle in this context and conflicts may arise.
  • Aligning individuals' values with organisational values increases employee engagement and employee well-being.
Our Values Orientation Survey
Valpeo's Values Orientation Survey is based on Professor Shalom Schwartz's 'basic universal values'. They present a picture of primary concerns, drivers and cultural context within which a person can achieve his/her potential and where there may be areas of tension. The 19 values covered in the survey are applicable to any work environment and can be relevant to any personal interaction within an organisation.
    Self-direction –Thought
    Self-direction –Action
    Power – Dominance
    Power – Resources

    Personal security
    Order and stability
    Tradition and customs
    Conformity to rules
    Interpersonal conformity
    Concern for nature
    Social justice and equality
    Care Dependability
Survey characteristics
The survey is administered online and takes approximately 10 minutes. After completing the survey, candidates can receive an automated report. Candidate responses are benchmarked against relevant norms. For more technical details, please consult Valpeo's technical manual.
Why is the survey effective?
Schwartz's values framework is a well-established model with a significant body of research to support it: studies were conducted on a range of international samples. Most notable is a very large-scale study published in 2021, providing reliability and validity evidence for the latest version of the values questionnaire across 49 cultural groups and 32 language versions with a sample of over 50000 participants.
Key applications
  • Insights for internal and external selection, placement, succession management, and promotion decisions.
  • Individual and team development of individual contributors and leadership teams.
  • Team building activities.
  • Diversity & inclusion: objective tools reduce unconscious bias in people decision.
  • Increasing well-being and engagement by aligning the values of people and organizations.
Additional Valpeo support
Valpeo's Complexity Orientation Survey can be combined with Values and Behavioural Orientation Surveys. Together, these three orientations provide a holistic image of a leader or employee in any context, now and in the future.
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