Behavioral orientation
Get insight in the extent to which people possess the necessary behavioral characteristics to perform their role
A multiple assessment instrument which enables you to relate personality characteristics to the realities of the working environment.
About Valpeo Behavioral Orientation
Get insight in the personality traits and behavioral preferences of people
Valpeo Behavioral Orientation provides you insight into the extent to which a person expresses the necessary behavior to perform their professional role. Our solution does not only give you insight into key personality traits (like many others - differentiërende factor), our integrated approach also looks at functional attributes. This allows you to associate personality characteristics with real work environment realities. Additionally, all dimensions are interconnected. This means these dimensions are adaptable to the work environment of your organization specifically.

Our questionnaire is based on six assessments which enclose how people function at work. They cover 29 dimensions, clustered into four meta-competencies:

Type of Entrepreneur
Type of Leader
Type of Manager
Type of Coach and alignment with others

Key features
Scientifically backed questionnaire: cluster of 29 behavior at work related dimensions, that are relevant in any role
Surveys and reports are available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Dutch
Become aware of the opportunities and risks of potential behavior at work
Receive an automated report immediately after questionnaire completion
Obtain a comprehensive and in-depth assessment and/or development report
Average completion time
Validated results during interview
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Our behavior at work questionnaire combines six different scientific behavioral models
Other science that inspired us:
Belbin - team roles
Thomas & Kilmann - conflict handling style
Levene - personality traits
Honey & Mumford - learning style
Apter et al - Work style - reversal theory
E. Ghiselli - managerial style
R. Kegan - subject / object orientation
J. Piaget - 4 stages of cognitive development
The 29 dimensions are clustered into four meta-competencies as visualized below:
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