Your Board as the backbone of your organization

If you want to be a true game-changer in your business, your board needs to support you in your future strategy . As strategies today have an increasingly shorter shelf-life, your Board needs to give you an edge on the competition by staying ahead of the curve.
We offer a distinctive and comprehensive methodology to assess a board's decision making process and the internal dynamics enabling this.

How can Valpeo help

Your Board as a catalyst
Is your Board merely responding to future challenges or beating others to the punch? Verify that they are a true companion in changing perspective and realizing your goals. Because "the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little bit extra".
Board self-assessment
Tailor-made for your Board and adaptable for Executive Committees. Our research-based and integrated method ensures a straightforward report with recommendations to optimize the Board's decision-making process and dynamics.
Discover internal Board dynamics
Avoid becoming an "incompetent group of competent people". Uncover the inner workings of your Board and take their effectiveness and efficiency to the next level.
Our Board self assessment solution will help you measure:
  • The dynamics of your board
  • The way it deals with the risks of the present
  • The way it deals with the challenges of the future
  • The culture of the board