Create a culture that fits purpose
Wondering whether your culture allows your organization to unlock its full potential? Our organizational culture solution is a stepping stone to bring about lasting cultural change. Achieve your goals more efficiently by getting insight into the values and subcultures that prevail within your organization.


  • Create an everyone's culture
    Measure job satisfaction and get insight into the fit between organizational and individual values. Adapt your recruitment process in order to optimize your cultural fit. This will help you hold onto a crucial competitive advantage: your people.
  • Align your subcultures
    Tailor-made for your organization with any criteria you want to set. Our research-based approach ensures a straightforward report with recommendations for potential cultural change. Guarantee your sustainability by optimizing your cultural fit.
  • Build to last
    Prepare for cultural change by discovering what the gaps are between current and desired. Find out which subcultures support or hinder your growth ambitions, and how you can align your strategy with existing cultures. Design an organization that really makes a difference.
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Our cultural dynamics report helps you in defining:
  • What type of culture and values will power your business strategy?
  • What type of subcultures are dominant within your organization?
  • How these different subcultures either support or hinder strategy?
  • How you can align existing cultures with your strategy
Cultural Dynamics Report
Achieve an in-depth understanding of your current and desired organizational culture and subcultures. Discover how to transcend from current to desired culture.
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