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Executive Search
The key success factor has shifted from simply finding candidates to a well-considered selection of those who are best able to deal with the complexity within a constantly evolving context.

This in-depth understanding of people helps organisations to choose and develop the leaders of tomorrow. We offer an unparalleled insight into people and organisational dynamics, and in-depth market knowledge. Because successful search depends upon truly understanding the context and being able to link the role and the person in a seamless way.
Assessment & Development
We help to evaluate and predict the potential of individuals, teams and organisations, by looking at them as living systems. We use a dynamic model to assess how and why people make choices in any given context.

Recruiting people from the perspective of knowledge, expertise and competence, reveals a fraction of the candidate. So, a holistic, innovative approach is essential to disclose that broader perspective of people, their optimal contexts and possible untapped potential.
Executive Interim Management
As the BeNeLux partner of Globalise, the world's leading interim management organisation, Accord Group is a trendsetting executive interim management company in the region. It may be the unexpected loss of a senior executive, a new competitive threat, a collapse in sales, a major restructuring program or the need to rapidly adapt to technology or process changes, we're there to support you. With our global network of over 60.000 management experts, we can provide you with the right person to solve whatever challenges you are facing – right now, this minute, anywhere in the world. No matter how complex or daunting your challenge may seem, you are only a contact away from a solution.
Executive Coacing
When the challenge of 'what there is to do' is in balance with what we feel capable of doing, we feel a sense of well-being, we can engage with our work. Our imagination is captured, we feel confident and competent.

Executive Coaching aims at the development of the person's full potential, and the optimization of a person's functioning in his or her actual position, or the preparation of his or her functioning towards a new position. Each coaching assignment is based on a specific context. A preliminary conversation takes place with the management to discuss the context of the coaching request, and to present the philosophy and the method behind the coaching.
Organizational Design
Organisation design is about putting in place an organisational structure that is aligned with the business purpose to ensure productive behaviour, right levels of autonomy, sustained performance and a felt fair pay system.

Our approach ensures that there is awareness of the value that needs to be created at each level of the organization, responsibilities are distributed in a way that nobody is underused or overstretched, empowerment is stimulated, job grading starts by looking at how much value needs to be added in any role, and reward policies, processes, and practices are aligned with the strategic intent and values of the organization.
Cultural Development
We will assist you in defining which cultural dynamics are empowering your company and we will take a look at which (sub)cultures are currently dominant and how they support or hinder your strategy execution.

In these changing times, we have to start by understanding and valuing cultural diversity more and more, as it has become the new reality. Ideally, there are certain similarities between the personal values of the members and those of the organisation itself. We will support you with necessary changes, so you're able to reach and implement the desired cultural dynamic.
Board Advisory
Non-executive director search: Nomination committees use our services to identify, select and attract the best qualified board members to ensure their independence and avoid potential conflicts of interest. Our purpose is to contribute to the needs for more diversity, where we do not look only at very tangible criteria as gender and race but strive to bring diversity in thinking and values into the board room.

Board review: Many crises or scandals happened even though the companies involved were managed by prestigious boards and executive teams. Board processes and the quality of relationships between directors are key factors. We have developed a robust model to evaluate board effectiveness, to assess the culture of the board and to form a solid basis for planning systematic board development initiatives.
Management Review
The need for external advice and support during the performance appraisal process of senior managers and executives is increasing.

For many years, we have helped Boards and CEO's of public bodies and private companies with their yearly performance appraisal of their top executives. To support this, Accord Group developed an online software-tool that allows us to carry out 360° performance appraisals in a timely and smooth fashion. The performance criteria to be reviewed and evaluated are defined in agreement with the client.
Compensation & Benefits
Remuneration packages help you to get the most out of your people, to recruit and retain them, and ultimately help you to get returns on what you are investing in your people.

First, we create awareness about how added value is created at every level of your organization, and how this could be compensated. Then, we redesign your remuneration system, based on what is considered fair and effective. Our unique job grading and compensation consulting helps to determine 'felt fair pay' structures and provide a road map for career development and succession planning throughout the organization.
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