We like to help to build a sustainable future,
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Valpeo rewarded as top Leadership Development solution provider in Europe
Valpeo is selected by Manage HR Magazine for having one of the 10 most innovative Leadership Development solutions in Europe that are impacting the HR industry.

We are on a mission to unite the best of consultants, science and technology to inspire and support people and organizations and help them to add value, and to unfold their authenticity and full potential

  • Science
    We provide profound insights in personal, cultural, organizational and strategy dynamics and how it relates to purpose and the desire and ability to create value.

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  • Technology
    Save time and work in all comfort with our state of the art online platform: all information is easily accessible, clear and thorough analyses are available, automated planning is possible, online interview module is implemented, it is accessible from any device, is available in multiple languages...

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  • Consultants
    A worldwide community of like-minded professional consultants who like to inspire and support organizations to stay ahead.

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Future-proofing leadership
The key to becoming more agile is improving the 'leader-to-context alignment'
By gaining more insight into how these three orientations apply to a leader,
Valpeo effectively predicts the 'leader-to-context alignment'.

This new dynamic model allows assessing how and WHY people make choices in any context.
Valpeo Services
Our services are aligned around purpose and offer solutions for both Consultants and Business Leaders
For Business Leaders
  • Clear blueprint of current and future capabilities of your people and organization
  • Methodology to help you build an organizational context to stay relevant
  • Supported with a worldwide community of professional consultants
  • An integrated approach that helps you live your purpose
For Consultants
  • Inspiring and game-changing: science transformed into instruments
  • Opportunities to develop your business
  • Possibility to be part of our diversified community of engaged professionals
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