We are on a mission to unite the best of consultants, science and technology to inspire and support people and organizations and help them to add value, and to unfold their authenticity and full potential.
Valpeo Vision
Redesign consultancy and build a worldwide community of like-minded professionals
Every day we strive to be a source of inspiration to those who have the desire to help organizations and individuals create sustainable value.
What we believe
Valpeo inspires and supports people and organization in creating maximum value.
Our society changes fast and continuously. This has an impact on existing norms and standards and causes known methodes to be replaced by new innovations overnight. As an organization, to be able to remain sustainable in this environment and to continue to create value, has become more challenging than ever.

We believe that people are value creators and that organizations are self regulating systems. It is only necessary to create a context in which people can act within the boundaries of their full potential and within the boundaries of the added value that they are expected to bring.
In order to create value there must be:

  • A clear awareness of the levels at which value has to be created and the complexity that has to be managed
  • A strategy that provides a way to achieve this
  • Employees that are capable of adding value at their level
  • An organizational design that makes this possible
  • An adapted remuneration policy
  • A performance management system that is value-driven
  • A culture that support the value creation process
  • A board that manages the principles and ethics of that value creation process
We help you to align people, work and strategy to realize maximum value creation.

We believe that in times of exponential change, people and organizations have to be able to rely on simple, integrated and holistic frameworks that help them make decisions that stand the test of time.

We believe that in times where autonomy has increased, people seek methods, concepts and tools that allow them to act within the boundaries of their full potential and of the added value that they are expected to bring, but they also seek a community to be part of.

Offering those frameworks, tools, concepts, methods, and at the same time, building that community, is what we do at Valpeo.
What we value
  • Benevolence
    We strive to create a culture where all of our stakeholders feel supported and included, can count on our professionalism and are able to collaborate or work autonomously to create value in their own best way.
  • Trustworthiness
    We work hard every day to provide the best of science, technology and consultancy.
  • Stimulation
    We aim to create an inspiring and stimulating environment for every stakeholder to realize common and individual goals.
Meet the value creators of Valpeo
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+32 2 669 08 83
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