Valpeo Expertise

We work with CEOs, boards and investors to drive performance, change and transformation through ensuring leadership and organisation value creation.
A holistic approach to value creation
by connecting purpose, organisation, and people.
Is your organisation POP-ing to create value?
  • Purpose
    We help you define your organisation's level of purpose and context.
  • Organisation
    We help you align your organisation design and culture with its level of purpose and value creation.
  • People
    We help you understand your people's true potential and fully leverage this to deliver your organisation's purpose.
We live in challenging times
globalisation and technological change have turned the world into a village, society is undergoing a transformation and organisations operate in a context where the VUCA factors (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) are constantly increasing.
The success of an organisation
is determined by the degree to which it is able to align everything and everyone around its purpose. This purpose is dynamic and must meet the increasing expectations of all the stakeholders in an ever-changing context.
Effective evolution of purpose
for any organisation follows a universal underlying logic, showed on this value creation circumplex, from delivering good quality to developing new ecosystems. Each time the purpose evolves clockwise to the next level, alignment of resources becomes more complex.
The value creation circumplex
based on a large body of research, is the best available compass for an organisation that strives to remain distinctive and viable in the stormy ocean of VUCA.
Our expertise lies in helping you:
  • Define the "next-level" purpose - the value creation focus for the next phase of your organisation's journey
  • Align your organisation's structure, culture and people to this "next-level" purpose
  • Create the commitment and the systems for developing the structures and the leaders needed for the future
  • Finding, selecting, developing and coaching your leaders of the future
Our added value
For Boards, CEOs & Investors
For Boards, CEO'S & Investors , we help them drive value creation and allocate resources to maximum effect. Our support and interventions enable the shaping of a resilient organisation and allows them to focus on their level of value creation rather than paying attention to interpersonal or role conflicts.
For Front Line Executives
For leaders, our support allows to guarantee productivity and efficiently convert strategy into tangible output, and shape risks and opportunities at each levels of the organisation. Moreover, it makes it tangible in which context they and their team will find meaning and deliver the highest added value.
For CHRO and the HR team we help to increase the success rate of identification, selection and development of talent. It leads to higher engagement and well-being and allows building the talent pipeline of tomorrow's leaders.
Benefits of our Value Creation focus
  • Increased competitiveness
    Organisations that focus on value added rather than just responsibility have a competitive advantage in today's fast-paced and ever-changing environment. They are able to attract and retain top talent, increase innovation and creativity, shorten time to market, and drive business results.
  • Improved organisational performance
    By focusing on value added, organisations are better equipped to address complex business challenges and drive results. This approach helps organisations to create an environment that supports and enables employees to bring their unique skills, experiences, and perspectives to the organisation.
  • Greater agility
    When organisations focus on value added, they are less tied to specific job responsibilities and more open to new and innovative ways of working. This approach helps organisations to adapt to changes in the environment and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Better employee engagement
    When employees understand that their value and impact on the organisation is recognised and valued, they are more engaged and motivated to contribute their best work.
  • Improved employee satisfaction
    When employees feel valued and appreciated for the value they bring to the organisation, they are more likely to be satisfied with their job and committed to the organisation.
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