Chris Van den Bergh
"As long as you feel inspired your life is being well spent"
- Hugh MacLeod
Chris van den Bergh is a Partner at Valpeo. She has a proven track record in coaching and mentoring individuals in personal leadership. As an advisor, she has helped several companies to develop and to build their first in-house talent development centers. With a career spanning 35 years, she has had the opportunity to broaden her role from coach to mentor and advisor.

Chris started her career as a life coach before transitioning to roles in business. In that context, she coached individuals and groups through significant transitions in their careers. Business change and transformation were the triggers for many of the multiple outplacement programs Chris designed and led. She has supported companies in better understanding change and transformation, utilising this as a mindset/tool at the start of reorganisations, resignations, and acquisitions.

Chris is a change and transformation leader bringing a focus on organisation and people alignment. She is a certified coach and mentor and is a C-level advisor on talent and development.

Chris holds a BSc in Biochemistry from Thomas More University in Belgium. She also holds a BSc in Medicine from RUCA, Belgium.
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